Child Sponsorship

Give the gift of hope & education

FFYIA USA, in partnership with FFYIAP Uganda, aims to reduce the drop out rate for children in primary school. We work directly with community leaders and the primary schools in the locale to identify any children who are not regularly attending school and find out why they are missing i.e. orphaned, cost or due to a medical condition, such as HIV.


Once identified as a critical case, the child and the family will receive direct school fees paid that includes their school uniform, text books, stationary, shoes, book bag, pens and exercise books. In the boarding schools, children are also fed meals and provided a bed and mattress to sleep on. 

Annual sponsorship costs

Bugiri Kids : $300

Bugiri, a poverty stricken Kenyan border school, is where FFYIA has purchased the property to build their next school. Construction is underway and word is out. Hundreds of students have begun to attend school daily. The parents and community members have embraced the growth and hope of education in their village and have even started their own School Board and PTA. It's an exciting time for these kids and all involved!

Kampala Kids: $750

Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, hosts many primary schools, but some families, most living in the slums, cannot afford to send their children to school. The kids we select are orphaned children or those of single mothers or living with HIV. The children live at school and their school fees include room and board.

Vocational Students: $1,050

This is a new program designed to help our first graduates transfer into vocational training. This will equip a student with a professional skill. 

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