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Edwin is expected to be 9 years old, he

Name: EDWIN                                                                                        

Birthdate: ADAPTED/2013

Gender: Male

Country: Uganda

File No. B-S/018/2019

Boarding school fees: 250 USD

Edwin is expected to be 9 years old, he was found thrown in one of the dilapidated house in the slum of Bwaise, its assumed that after his really parents had discovered that Edwin was born Deaf and Dump they abandoned him and disappeared where nobody knows either can anybody tell who they are. Edwin is a loveable, loves going to school. He is active and loves to be busy and make fun with everybody.

Edwin has a wonderful smile that will soon show a sign of welcome. He can be sensitive and lives with his care taker whom the government Authorities gave him to stay with. Most handicap kids suffer rejections and discrimination.  Edwin seeks help to be able to continue with education in their school of the dump and deaf.

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