Medical Missions

Through our own primary medical goals, we partner and affiliate with networks across the continent. Our direct presence has spanned across three countries and help over 3,000 under-served communities with surgeries, infections, vaccinations, pain relief, disease treatment, menstruation education, broken bones and healthy living education. Our goal is to make essential the international and national investment in child health and health systems.

Hellen's Story

Hellen was found as a toddler abandoned on the banks of Lake Victoria. She was born with bladder exstrophy, a rare birth defect in which the bladder develops outside the fetus. She was in very bad shape, with a severe infection. She was brought to Penny. Once stabilized and appointed a local caregiver, FFYIA worked and organized a trip for US specialty pediatric surgeons to meet in India to help repair her condition in 2016, which includes a full breaking of the hips. In late 2019, Uganda had caught up to surgical and hospital standards, so she was able to undergo her final surgery at home to acclimate her condition to her growth. There have been many tears for this dear soul and many angels dedicated to ensure a full life. 


Menstruation Education in Bugiri

Along with donations from Days for Girls, we told the guys to go away and taught the local women about their reproductive bodies and handed out reusable pads for the young ladies who do not attend school while on their periods. In an effort to keep their school consistent, we must educate them on their bodies and how to care for them.


East Africa - US Outreach

Throughout the month of April 2013, Penny escorted a team of US doctors to East Africa, who treated over 3,000 patients in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. The medical team was lead by Dr. Hanson Wang, Director of Missions for Friends of Grace Medical Center. Citizens were excited to receive free medical services!

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photo 1.JPG

Uganda Hearts

Rotary Club Kampala North partnered with Riley Children's Hospital and Uganda Heart Institute in Mulago Hospital. The team of traveling doctors operated on 18 children with heart conditions and provided care for several hundred patients. September 2013

 627,000 deaths caused by malaria in 2012.

1,500,000 people living with HIV, it's estimated that...

200,000 are Children.