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Past News & Events, Continued...

President's visit to Namutamba Rehabilitation Center in Uganda

September 2013


Penny Leon was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Namutamba Rehabilitation Center in Uganda where 26 young children with disabilities live. The centre is run by the very dedicated Lydia Lehman, a volunteer from Germany. She gets assistance from the local community who come out every day to volunteer.


Penny saw a need for urgent medical assistance from children needing surgery to the need for wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and exercise equipment for the rehabilitation process. Please if you have any of these contacts us we would be more than happy to pick them up. Click on the video to see them singing.

Check out the new school ROOF

September 2013



This took place in September 2013. Take a look at before and after photos of the school.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL: The Budaada Sure House School started as a shed, built by the community in 2008 with 80 students. CSH built a primary school in 2009 with four classrooms in Budaada village, Kayunga District, Uganda, serving 250 children and their families from the surrounding communities. CSH is the only one in the area that gives free education to the orphans, from 1st to 7th grade.


Thank you to all who participated in making this happen!

The FFYIA participated in the Rotary Club Arts & Crafts Fair. 

April 26, 2013


It was a great time to meet all the Rotary Club fans who came out to support us. 

We were also able to

raise some funds and

support Rotary Club's



Thanks to Rotary Club

of Woodland Hills, CA

for helping the


FFYIA's Call to Volunteers to pack books for

"Current Project"

July 2014


Thank you to all 13 volunteers that help us pack books for the Uganda schools project. A big THANK YOU to Springfield Office Supplies for the continued support. 



18 Children had Heart Surgery on this Medical Mission

September 2013


Penny Leon together with Rotarians from Kampala North Club partnered with Riley Children's Hospital and Uganda Heart Institute in Mulago Hospital. The team of travelling doctors operated on 18 children with a heart condition.

Mulago, Uganda’s general Hospital is overwhelmed by the increasing number of heart-related diseases being reported.

Putting the blame on lifestyles, poor diets, smoking and genetic causes.

This community continues to need assistance. 


We would like to thank everyone involved in saving the lives of these children who otherwise would not have lived much longer.


Notre Dame Academy 1st & 2nd International Food Fair in Los Angeles.​​

June 3, 2014


The Ugandan community participated in a Food Fair for the Notre Dame Academy. It was a fun event and FFYIA headed it, thanks to all Ugandans who supported it. Notre Dame Academy has been supporting the sister school in Uganda for many years. For the last two years, FFYIA has been involved in making these events successful. We want to thank the Miss Pretzel school Principle for her dedication to Ugandan Children.

The little girl in Africa talks about "Education Before Marriage"

April 1, 2013


Penny Leon travelled to Africa and visited a local school in Uganda that was having an English class debate on "Why Girls should wait to graduate High School before getting married".


Many developing countries live by the old tradition of forced early child marriage. This continues to be a HUGE problem for girls to continue their education. Speak out and support organizations that fight this very important cause!


A Global Movement to Promote Education!

A very smart little girl :) GREAT VIDEO

Thank You to Mr Ross Lloyd for running the Boston Charity marathon for FFYIA

April 14, 2013


A good friend of Penny Leon from Durban, South Africa - Ross T Lloyd has offered to represent our Organization in the 2013 Boston Marathon to help raise funds for facilitating with the second phase of the Florence For Youth In Action School in Sesse Island, Uganda.


He completed the race strong and inspired. 

All support is much appreciated!


Thank You Ross!!!

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