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Volunteer Program

Volunteering can add a great deal of your life and the lives of  those for whom you volunteer. Youth of FFYIA benefits from the input of  volunteers by gaining new valued perspective of your work as well as precious  time you spend with them. Even a small commitment can have a lasting effect on our kid’s lives.

​​Benefits of Volunteering

You make new friends, You build your resume, uncover hidden skills & talents, have fun make a difference, career exploration and personal  interest.

If you are interested in visiting our projects or volunteering please contact:

For Local USA projects

Penny Leon​
Tel:  310-237-2203

Love Changing The World? Volunteer!!



Dear Brothers and Sisters:
It is with a thankful heart and a joyful spirit that we write to you today.
Jo and I rejoice in the Lord as we reflect on the generosity of many of you. Your prayers and financial contributions on behalf of our neighbor Danielle Amoruso have been a tremendous blessing. She and her father Richard left for Uganda on September 16, 2012. Danielle will serve as a missionary and teacher's aide, returning on March 30, 2013.

Danielle's journey of faith over the past seven months has been one of unwavering trust in the Lord. She is blessed to have the loving support of her parents Richard and Susan Amoruso, as she takes one year off from college to serve as a missionary in Uganda.  An estimated 2.5 children in Uganda have been orphaned or have lost one parent or both because of HIV/AIDS or other diseases such as Malaria. More than one in three children under age 5 suffers from inadequate nutrition. Two in five children and adults in many parts of Uganda lack access to fresh, clean water, which increases the risk of illness.

During her missionary journey, Danielle will work directly with disciples from our sister church in Kampala, through "CSH.We pray that GOD will bless you and your families for your collective vision to serve and empower others.

Danielle has created a blog so we can follow her journey of service. Your continued prayers for this ministry project are deeply appreciated.  Please feel free to share this initiative with other disciples, your family, friends and co-workers, who have a heart for serving orphans and widows.         

Motivated by James Chapter 1, verse 27.  




Nakatembe Primary School was donated by FFYIA and our dear friends from Encinitas Church in 2017


We are so thankful for their generocity and for donating clothes and school supplies that our kids received May the almighty bless you abundantly for coming to  visit us and to supervise the work at the school. 



Rev O .Tayebwa is our newest member who has been a blessing to our organization and to the community projects. He has volunteered tirelessly with our projects.

A native of Uganda, he has dedicated his life to Christ and his people.  He is ready to serve the oppressed and the forgotten. Rev O. is now a newly appointed associate pastor at Prince of Peace Church in Woodland Hills, CA.


In April 2013, a group of 10 women from Holland arrived in Uganda for a cross cultural visit to our Children Sure House Foundation. The women also spent one week with Ugandan women in Lwangosia village Eastern Uganda.

The women they visited are infected with HIV/AIDS. After a week in that community, they traveled to Murchison Falls National Park for an animal safari and explored the beauty of Uganda.

CSH is hosted these visitors in close partnership with another local women's organization ISIS WICCE led by Mrs. Ruth Odiombo.

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