Water-related diseases have been a major problem within African villages. Access to adequate water supply is a fundamental need and human right.


Access to water supply also has considerable health and economic benefits to households and individuals. Our goals aligns with rotary goals to provide under-served villages with innovative clean water distribution stations.

Buyala, Nakatembe, Biira and Namiwunda Clean water-wells.

Sonsored by FFYIA, Clark Leon and WHRC  August, 2016

Current Project
Clean Water Distribution Station

In Birra, Wakiso District in Uganda

The primary purpose of this water project is to bring a clean water distribution station for communities, schools, and Children in the neighborhood will all benefit from this Water Well 


  1. Water for sanitation facilities

  2. Clean water for cooking to washing and healthy meal programs for Children.

  3. Easy access to the clean water distribution station for community members personal use.






CLEAN WATER Sponsored by

PROJECT BULENGA by Hollie,  and partially Woodland Hills Rotary Club.

April 2013

CSH completed a clean water distribution station in the community of Bulenga, in Wakiso District, Uganda. This new easily accessed water-well provides clean water to a population of over 3,000 people.


Water is worth fighting for and that is what is happening here.

The children and the rest of the community were so very happy to finally get free, easy accessed clean water.


You can see the joy in their faces to see the great vision we have. Thanks to Project Bulenga for your effort.

The people in the area will live healthier and longer lives. We make quarterly check-ups and testing reviews to assure the success of the water station.

CLEAN WATER Sponsored by Deniel Pearl Magnet School and 
Calabasas Rotary Club

April 2013

​​Thanks to Daniel Pearl Magnet High School - Interact Club and the Calabasas Rotary Club for all their hard work and for assembling 500 WAPI's.

In our effort to support better health, we teamed up with Daniel Pearl High School students from Sherman Oaks, CA in putting together 500 “Water Pasteurization Indicators”. These WAPI’s are a cost effective way to pasteurize water and are a great tool for areas that rely on the use of contaminated water.


We then trained Ugandan and Rwandan citizens on its use and functionality.

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