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Florence Kekibuga,
Honoree/ Mom

Florence is a Ugandan mother who has dedicated her life to taking care of children and poor people in her community. In 2011, the President of Uganda, Yoweri. K. Museveni honoured her with the President Medal of honor as Hero for her extraordinary humanitarian work to her country and its citizens.


In 2015, her daughter, Penny Leon, renamed her foundation, Florence For Youth In Action in honor of her mother. Her mother saved her from an arranged marriage at 15 by selling her car and sending her on a bus to Kenya to further her education. Penny has been giving other children the same opportunity since.



At the age of nine, Penny told her mother that when she grew up she would not have children of her own, instead, she will take care of those orphans who need help. Inspired by her mother, Florence raised 20 children; Six of her own and 14 from the local neighborhood and families.

She completed the schooling her mother sacrificed her to obtain and moved to the United States, where she resides in LA with her American husband. She held to her promise and adopted and raised five orphaned girls, all of whom have completed university in Uganda.

Penny listened to God calling her to show the love of Jesus to those hurting and be the voice for the voiceless in her native country and began the Florence for Youth in Action, a charitable organization. It is in honor of her mother, to whom she gives credit for her life's work.


Penny Leon,
President and Founder

We are the voice and mouth of Jesus on earth and we are using it to bring people to the kingdom of God.  That is our mission.


  • Penny Leon - Founder / President

  • Emma Reed - Secretary

  • Clark Leon - Treasurer

  • Onesmus Tayebwa - Community/ International mobilizer


  • Mary Collier - Sponsorship director

  • Quincey Fox - Fundraising director

  • Desmond Wabwire Communication director.

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