The Gardens

Our planned vegetable and fruit gardens have an enormous capacity to touch and improve thousands of lives. These farms are a much-needed “paradigm shift” to place more importance on proper farming procedures, sustainable food programs, micro-financing systems to promote independency. 



Vegetable and fruit gardens produce more than just food... it promotes community development, creates jobs, it offers a space where youth can meet, learn, share and build social awareness.


The project found the perfect opportunity where the need is huge for the people of Mityana, District, Uganda, including:


  • Two nearby schools from K-12 

  • Elderly community members

  • Local markets


Many people lack adequate amounts of foods that are rich in the nutrients needed for health and a productive life. Chronic undernutrition affects some 215 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, or 43 percent of the population.



The most popular commercially farmed vegetables are spring onions, lettuce, spinach greens, carrots, onions, tomatoes, hot and sweet pepper, green beans, okra and cucumber. Hundreds of local vegetables are also farmed because of their popular use in several African local dishes.


HUNGER kills more people every year than

AIDS, malaria & tuberculosis combined!