Age 5; Female

DSCN9529 (3).JPG

She is an orphan from the slum area being raised by her aunt, who is unemployed and struggling to support her. She is friendly, playful and loves to sing. She especially enjoys school and learning. 

RAHIM (B-S/002)

Age 8; Male

Rahim is a talented child in music, danc

A talented musician and dancer, he performs at his school, Spire Junior School.

Born in the slums, he was abandoned and is being raised by a charitable community member.


Age 7; Male


Jeremiah lost his father to HIV/AIDS when he was one year old and later abandoned by his mother. He is a bright student and when not in school, supports himself by begging for money from churches to eat. 

JOSHUA (B-S/004)

Age 5; Male


Joshua is an orphan whose father died of HIV/AIDS when he was three. He was later abandoned by his mother and when not in school, supports himself by begging. He loves school!

NAHIYA (B-S/005)

Age 12; Female

DSCN9514 (3).JPG

Nahiya lives with her single mum in the slums. Her father disappeared long ago. Her mother works by selling plastic bottles. School protects her from the violence and distraction female teens face there. 

ZAAKE (B-S/006)

Age 12; Male

DSCN9516 (2).JPG

Zaake lives with his single mum and his father abandoned them six years ago. His mum is no longer able to fund his school fees. He is a bright and promising boy who aspires to become a responsible person. 

ARNEST (B-S/007)

Age 4; Male

DSCN9520 (2).JPG

Arnest was born to young parents in the slums. He loves boarding school life and doesn't like holiday times when he returns home to his family and faces hunger. Arnest is fully dependent on others for his education.


Age 8; Male

DSCN9518 (2).JPG

Born in the slums, he was abandoned by his parents at two. He is being raised by his 70-year old grandmother. He loves studying and dances for his neighbors to raise money. He hopes your assistance would enable him to fulfill his dreams.

HASSAN (B-S/009)

Age 5; Male

DSCN9521 (2).JPG

He lives with his single mum in the slums. He was an early speaker, so his mum found a way to get him into school early, so he is advanced in school. He is so bright and driven and loves to study.

AARON (B-S/010)

Age 6; Male

DSCN9522 (2).JPG

Aaron lives with his auntie who sells charcoal to feed her family, but doesn't cover school fees. He is an active pupil and would very much like to continue to study.

SALIMA (B-S/011)

Age 6; Female

DSCN9525 (3).JPG

Salima was born to young parents and they were abandoned by his father and has not been seen since. Her mum does work, but just enough for food. She loves boarding school and wants to be a fully prepared adult. 

SHINA (B-S/012)

Age 10; Female

Shina is in grade 3 (Three) and Shina’s

Shina's had a tough start as her parents got divorced and both decided to abandoned her. A kind person took it upon herself to foster her. She very much enjoys school and hopes to get the financial help she needs.

ARAFA (B-S/013)

Age 4; Male

DSCN9523 (2).JPG

Born in the slums, his father broke both his legs in an accident and is unable to work. His mother left shortly after. He is being raised by his 70 year old grand mum and they would like some help with his school. 

SHAFIK (B-S/014)

Age 12; Male

Shafik stays with his poor Grand mum in

Shafik lives with his grand mum in the slum area of Bwaise. She has no money or property and is such a happy and talented student. He desires to continue studying.

RAHUMA (B-S/015)

Age 6; Female

DSCN9526 (2).JPG

Rahuma lives in the slums with her single mum who picks herbs to sell for a living. Although her earnings are not enough to support Rahuma's education. She is so excited to know this is possible for her.

ASHIM (B-S/016)

Age 6; Male

DSCN9528 (2).JPG

He is a kind and intelligent boy who lives int he slums. His dad has been disabled with a brain injury and his mum is shouldering all the responsibility. He would like to stay in school, develop dreams and achieve them. 

KABUYE (B-S/017)

Age 6; Male

DSCN9517 (2).JPG

A good pupil and always in school, he desires to become a school teacher. Born in the slums and abandoned by his parents, Kabuye is being raised by his 75-year old grand mum who is herself helpless. 

ANNET (B/001)

Age 5; Female

Annet is in Top Class and she is intelli

Annet's biological parents are unknown. She was found on the banks of Lake Victoria and a retired policewoman has fostered her since. He is an intelligent and focused girl. She wants to be able to help her foster mother, who is aging.

BISO (B/002)

Age 8; Male


An orphan living with a local family, Biso is very friendly and playful. He loves school and enjoys learning, especially counting and singing. 


Age 13; Male


Emmanuel's father passed away when he drowned in Lake Victoria. He now lives with a foster family in the local village. He's intelligent and does well academically. He loves playing soccer!


Age 10; Female

Christine is in Grade 1 and a bright, ta

Christine is an orphan whose father died of HIV/AIDS and she now lives with her aunt. She is a bright, talkative girl who loves to do well in school. She'll probably become a teacher and loves her friends!

RESTY (B/005)

Age 9; Female


Resty is a loveable, active girl witha wonderful smile that will soon show some missing teeth. She arrives early to school and enjoys science the most. She can be sensitive, but has learned to stand her ground.


Age 13; Female

DSCN9622 (2).JPG

Hadijjah's father drowned in Lake Victoria, too. In spite of this adversity, one can see how well she has been growing up and how much she loves to learn. She is smart and loves to play net ball. She wants to be an accountant when she grows up.

SHAFIK (B/007)

Age 6; Male

Shafik and his Grand mum are very poor.

Shafik lives with his grand mum and they are very poor. She works as a laborer every day in the farm fields to feed him. They hope for a sponsor to give him the best chance to learn and have more opportunity!


Age 6; Female


Misanya and her family live in a house with a grass thatched roof and could use help with her school fees. She is a very good and active pupil in her class, not to mention...adorable!

VICTOR (B/009)

Age 12; Male


Victor is a humble and bright student and rarely misses school he loves to go so much! His favorite subject is science and loves soccer. He would like to become a school teacher!

VIVIAN (B/010)

Age 9; Female


Vivian is super smart and loves going to her school. She is intelligent, caring and participates all the time in class. She is known for her witty sense of humor!

ASHIM (B-S/016)

Age 6; Male

DSCN9528 (2).JPG

He is a kind and intelligent boy who lives int he slums. His dad has been disabled with a brain injury and his mum is shouldering all the responsibility. He would like to stay in school, develop dreams and achieve them. 

KABUYE (B-S/017)

Age 6; Male

DSCN9517 (2).JPG

A good pupil and always in school, he desires to become a school teacher. Born in the slums and abandoned by his parents, Kabuye is being raised by his 75-year old grand mum who is herself helpless. 

EDWIN (B-S/018)

Age 9; Male

Edwin is expected to be 9 years old, he

He was found abandoned in the slums, assuming because he is deaf. He is lovable, active, fun and loves school. He lives with a foster mom. Most kids with a handicap suffer lifelong rejection. He seeks increased fees to attend the school for the deaf.


Age 7; Female

Sharifa is in primary school 1 (One), sh

Sharifa is an orphan being raised by a local Grand Mum. Both his parents passed away to HIV/AIDS when he was one year old. Her income is not sufficient to pay his school fees. 

MERCY (B-S/020)

Age 9; Male

DSCN9595 (2).JPG

Mercy, born in the slums, does not know her parents and was abandoned in infancy. She was found by her current caregiver. She loves dancing, netball and her favorite subject in school is math


Age 5; Female

Jessica is in primary school 1 (One), sh

Needs assistance as soon as possible. Born in the slums to teenage parents who both passed away, the local Grand Mum took her in. Education is only way out. 


Age 5; Male


Abubkar's mother died of cancer with he just one year old. His father is unknown. He currently lives with his elderly Grand Mum, but she has reached an age where she is no longer able to care for him daily. 

ASUMAN (B-S/023)

Age 10; Male

DSCN9584 (2).JPG

A lively boy, he was born to a single mum in the slums of Kampala as his father left when he was an infant. She works hard for her family, but she does not earn enough to keep him in school. 

HABIB (B-S/024)

Age 9; Male

DSCN9582 (3).JPG

As you can see, it is common for men to irresponsibly leave their families and children. His teenage mother realized she could not care for him. He resides with his Great Aunt. He looks forward to a bright future through education.

BRIAN (B-S/025)

Age 10; Male

DSCN9580 (2).JPG

Brian lives in the slums with his single mother, who has no money to fund his schooling. He has proven to be a very good student and is active in his class and studies. He hopes to continue studying as long as possible.

NASSAR (B-S/026)

Age 6; Male


Abandoned by his mother after the death of his father in an accident, he lives with his elderly grand mum in the slums. She is a charcoal vendor and can't sustain his school fees. His future will depend on a sponsor. 

JANE (B-S/027)

Age 5; Female

DSCN9577 (2).JPG

Sweet Jane lives with her Grand mum in the slums. She is very friendly, playful and loves to sing. She loves school, too, and enjoys learning all her subjects. 

JUMA (B-S/028)

Age 6; Male


This smiling guy of a single mum has been in and out of school many times. His education has become disorganized and often results in poor performance in class. He is a bright kid that just needs stability in his payments in order to continue school.

ZAHARA (B-S/029)

Age 9; Female


She looks forward to becoming an asset to her community. Her father left seven years ago and her mum is raising her alone . She hopes for a sponsor for her daughter to make it through her teen years, when most susceptible to rape and prostitution. 

SAKA (B-S/030)

Age 5; Male

DSCN9573 (2).JPG

An old, poor woman who lives in a dilapidated shack in the slums found Saka abandoned in the slums at about one year old. She has a true heart for orphans. He loves to study when given the opportunity and wants to keep going. 

SIMON (B-S/031)

Age 11; Male

DSCN9571 (2).JPG

Simon is a cool kid who just wants to please his teachers. He is a very good student. He is orphaned and lives in the slums in a local woman's shack. He has no future unless he is educated like the other children in the slums of Kampala. 

EUNICE (B/011)

Age 5; Female


Eunice is a spontaneous and loves to make people laugh. She is kind, intelligent and caring. She has an ongoing eye infection that dims her smile, but is arriving above all that and wants to be successful. 

SAMUEL (B/012)

Age 13; Male


Samuel lost his mother ten years ago, when he was 3 and then his dad left. He is being raised by his grandfather and lives in poverty. he is bright boy and wants to be somebody great in his community.

ERINA (B/013)

Age 12; Female


A sweet, funny girl, Erina is known for her want to help and succeed in school. He is very competitive and likes to ride bikes and athletics. She can be shy because of her history, but warms up quickly to those who care.

ERIC (B/014)

Age 9; Male


Eric is respectful, caring and always wants to help. He opens doors for others and loves to do well in school. Sometimes, he needs a little encouragement to complete is work though! He especially enjoys studying English.


Age 6; Female


Christien is an active and inquisitive girl who likes to play with dinosaurs and be outside, especially if there is a playground. She asks questions all day. She loves writing her numbers and fetching water for her family.

PEACE (B/016)

Age 12; Female


Peace, nicknamed "Pei" by her loved ones is friendly and funny with a HUGE smile. She is a great listener and loves nature. She is on target for her age and usually follows directions. She loves fashion!


Age 16; Male


Bernard and his family are very poor, but this does not stop him from striving to attend school everyday and be a great student. He wants to become a school teacher!

YAHAYA (B/018)

Age 7; Male


Yahaya is 7 and his family are laborers who work in the farming fields everyday to support him. They are grateful for a "hand-up" to educate their son and have a chance at education.

IAN (B/019)

Age 6; Male

B019 IAN

Ian and his family depend on God's grace to get the next meal on the plate. His family owns no property and he hopes to change that with his chance at a proper education!

LILIAN (B/020)

Age 8; Female


"Lilli" is a loveable girl who loves to play games. She is learning what she can achieve when she sets her mind to it. She is a jokester, but is also sensitive and gets her feeling hurt easily. She strives for positive attention and responds well to it! 

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