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Congrats, 2019 Grads!

A few of our education sponsorship beneficiaries take a walk down the aisle!

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Denis Siwa

Jonathan Kakembo


Joel Kiyengo

Denis, heading into engineering, surprised his long time sponsor "Mother Mary," and thanked her for giving him hope and a future by funding his education.
She vowed to continue to fund his Vocational Training. 

Success Stories

Siwa Denis,

26 years

Profile: He was raised in a poor extended family; farmed vegetables to raise tuition for secondary school; loves working with computers

Sponsored programmes: Certificate in Computer in Engineering, and Diploma in Computer Engineering, at Management Training and Advisory Centre, Kampala, Uganda

Siwa 1.jpg

Kakembo Jonathan, 24

Profile: An orphan; a victim of child abuse and neglect; upcoming songwriter and singer

Sponsored programmes: Certificate in Audio Production, Esom School of Music, Kampala, Uganda

kakembo Jona.png
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